I have resided in Ahwatukee since 2004. As an Arizonan, and a Jew, I am appalled at the Republican senators who allowed avowed anti-Semite, and purported racist Glenn Spencer to testify before a Senate committee on March 1. Spencer is the leader of the vigilante militia group the American Border Patrol, as well as the author of “Is Jew-Controlled Hollywood Brainwashing America?” and other articles of a similar nature. He is also reported to have made a statement saying that “patriotic Americans” far outnumber liberal Jews who now have total control over our media. How could those senators have allowed such a person to testify?

And what I find even more repulsive, is the fact that Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, the chief law enforcement officer in the state, and a fellow Jew, stood idly by after making a presentation to the same committee just before Spencer did, and said nothing as only the Democrats in the Senate protested.

This action on the part of members of the Senate and the attorney general is totally unacceptable, and I call upon them to apologize to the citizens of this great state for their lack of judgement.

Fred Barlam

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Fred Barlam should be required to read Mark Scarp's editorial, then retake his teacher's certificate examination. Why is it that liberals do not understand that freedom of speech applies even to those that offend? And, Fred, offense isn't "given" by the speaker, it's "taken" by the listener... there is no right that prevents you from taking offense. Liberals don't believe in rights for everyone, just for themselves.

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