My congratulations to Susi Fathauer for her letter, “No to more homes, traffic” on July 2, as she scored a hole-in-one. The core issue in play really isn’t about golf “it’s about open space.” We need to protect our environment and the keeping the current open spaces — open does just that.

I know this proposal will take the support of City Councilman Sal DiCiccio, but he has already stood up for the environmental issues surrounding the “fencing of the golf course” and won!

Here is my idea on how we can make the abandoned Lakes Golf Course “lemon into lemonade:” Let’s convert it to a Phoenix city park — the last thing we need in the Ahwatukee Foothills Village are more red tile roofs and asphalt — what we need is more open spaces for our children to play. Mr. Gee could deed the property to the city of Phoenix and he could retain the “naming” rights. For example, it could be called the “Wilson Gee Park and Lakes.”

The monies Mr. Gee paid for the golf course in 2006 could be converted in to “tax credits” (with DiCiccio’s leadership) that he could use to off set tax liabilities on his other three golf courses — Ahwatukee Country Club, Club West and The Foothills Golf Club in future years.

This idea is a win-win for all and Mr. Gee would add honor to his family name as one of the city of Phoenix environmental leaders. His name would always be remembered as a man who made a positive impact on our fragile ecosystem. His park would be legendary as it would last for centuries (like Central Park in New York City) and would serve as a visual reminder of his caring and sharing for his fellow human beings.

Jim Jochim

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