Dear Editor:

I read the Sept. 10 article ("The latest citizen sacrifice: Hikers") by Councilman Sal DiCiccio where he noted that 14,000 union-represented workers average $100,000 a year in compensation. I assume that DiCiccio is throwing out the "red herring" of union represented worker means the blue collar worker? Blaming a target group - unions for example - is always an effective tactic if the premise of your attack lacks complete validity. Where I believe DiCiccio's statement that union workers make $100,000 per annum lacks validity (note, further on in the article he backpedals on that claim so I am not sure he knows what he is talking about) is the fact that DiCiccio has neglected to or never informed the public about other city employees' salaries. According to the city of Phoenix salary database, there are 257 city of Phoenix employees who make an average salary of $120,250 per year. The total cost to city of Phoenix taxpayers for this group of 257 employees is a whopping $63-plus-million per year. If you Google, "salaries of Phoenix Public Officials" you will find the complete list and it is very interesting reading.

The people who work for the various departments of the Arizona state government recently took a 5 percent salary decrease (2.75 percent pay cut and 2.25 percent mandatory furloughs). Maybe it's time Phoenix taxpayers impose a salary reduction for city of Phoenix employees who make more than $100,000 per year. I would hope DiCiccio would push through legislation to address out of control salaries and protect the interests of taxpayers.

William W. Thurber

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