This country is broke. The national debt is growing so fast it will take a miracle for us to survive, or will it? While our Congress and the Obama Administration seem to have no answers when it comes to solving our financial woes, the real solution is pending in Congress. The Fair Tax has been pending for several years and has been ignored by Congress. Why should they pass something that would take away their ability to buy votes in a big way (the federal income tax). The fair tax will replace the income tax.

Support is growing for the fair tax. More and more taxpayers are finding out how it will do away with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and give each individual their full paycheck with no deductions from their paycheck for Uncle Sam ever again. At the same time, those living below the poverty level will pay no taxes at all. The leaders in Congress continues to ignore this solution to the financial mess this country is in. It will take a large grass roots effort to get it enacted.

Imagine what will happen to the economy when every worker in this country received his/her full paycheck without any deduction for income or payroll taxes. Think how great it will be never to have to keep records or report anything to the IRS. What you do with your money will be NONE of their business. More information is available at

Roy T Newsom

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