Many drivers do not know or adhere to the rules of the road, apparently that includes the school bus drivers, too.

Colina and Centennial schools on 36th Street utilize temporary 15 mph speed limit signs at two crosswalks when school is in session. In between those crosswalks, normal speed limits of 30 mph apply. I tend to resume normal speed in between the crosswalk areas and slow when I get to the next crosswalk 15 mph sign, and several times drivers creeping along at 15 mph in between the crosswalks have honked at me. Today, a Kyrene School District bus driver who also doesn’t know the following section of the ADOT Driver’s handbook honked at me: “The maximum speed from the first sign to past the school crossing is 15 mph.”

That means when you pass the crosswalk, normal speed limits apply, and the area between those two crosswalks is not a 15 mph speed limit.

There’s a lot of good information in that driver’s handbook and it changes year to year. The last time you read it should not be when you got your driver’s license. And the state you came from might have different rules from Arizona.

And you can stop honking at me because I learned the rules.

Mark Burckhard

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