The Republican Victory Fund (read Steve Pierce, AZ Realtors, and Western Growers) has spent a lot of money to attack Dr. Janie Hydrick, candidate for state senate from Legislative District 18, with three mailers that are completely devoid of facts. All three have the same basic text, and what is her great crime? Why, she’s a member (not the leader) of the Arizona Education Association, much the way your lawyer would be a member of the American Bar Association, or your doctor, the American Medical Association. Every statement on the fliers, except the spelling of Hydrick’s name, is unverified, (and unverifiable, since they’re innuendo, not facts).

The group treats voters as uninformed idiots. The fact-free fliers are, all at the same time, misogynistic (depicting little girls as cheats and liars), false (no verification), uninformed, and insulting to voters’ intelligence. If blatant, unverified character assassination is all they have, then they have nothing.

Perhaps the Republican Victory Fund should encourage its candidates to debate the issues (which they’ve avoided so far), so voters can cast informed votes on what the candidates know instead of basing their critical decisions on fact-free fantasy fliers.

Frank Bing

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