Dear Editor:

Call or e-mail Jon Kyl and John McCain and ask them not to cut our Social Security or Medicare benefits unless they are willing to give up their government pensions and be placed on Social Security as are "We the People."

McCain and Kyl seem to believe in private enterprise to support them, yet they have huge pensions from the government instead of Social Security. They and all those that bash the government programs, yet take all the benefits are living a lie.

The senators and representatives set their own salaries that we the people pay. They are grossly overpaid and they get travel and health benefits, not to mention the perks from the lobbyists that own them. Small wonder why they never seem to get defeated with the recent right-wing members of the Supreme Court ruling that virtually guaranteed that their election costs will be paid by the "We the Corporations."

Now the Republicans, in lock step with their GOP and corporate orders, are attacking "We the People."

We could stop the wars and save lives and billions of dollars.

Joe Campbell

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