As a resident and businessman in Ahwatukee since 1991, I'm writing to express my complete disgust with state Sen. John McComish's performance in the Arizona Legislature, first as state representative and, now, as state senator. His recent sponsorship and votes in favor of "big government" intrusions on reproductive freedom (HB 2384, HB 2416 and HB 2443), his support of expanding the presence of guns into every aspect of Arizona society (SB 1467), his support of racial profiling and the fostering of anti-Hispanic racism (SB 1070) and, finally, his support and vote in favor of the Arizona "Birther" Bill, HB 2177, places him firmly in the right-wing tea party camp and well outside the mainstream of this district. McComish's performance, and those of his benighted colleagues, has made Arizona a national joke. Indeed, I find myself at a loss for words when friends and business colleagues from around the country ask me what is going on in this state.

I remember when my family moved to Ahwatukee in 1991 and we frequented McComish's "Little Professor Bookstore." This was prior to his political career and I would have pegged him then as a normal, small business Republican. But, of course, such Republicans no longer exist. Instead, McComish and his party now represent the worst instincts of the small-minded and are making Arizona a leader in the race to the bottom. He claims to be all about jobs and business development in Arizona. But his actions in the Arizona Legislature are instead focused on denying reproductive rights to women; creating a nativist, anti-immigrant culture in the state; ensuring that guns are available anywhere/everywhere; and, now, ensuring national political candidates produce birth documents to his liking. I can assure you that none of these things are advancing business development or job creation in Arizona. In fact, I imagine many businesses look at Arizona's current culture and pathetic educational system and decide many other states are a better place to locate. Witness the recently quoted comment of retired Intel CEO and chairman Craig Barrett that were the company making the decision today, Arizona would probably not be in the running for an Intel location. And, frankly, after watching embarrassing interviews with the likes of Carl Seel or Cecil Ash on CNN and the nightly laugh-lines at our expense on the late-night shows, who could blame them?

Beyond all this, I have to say that I would have expected better from McComish. I would expect someone with a decent college education and a normal business background would not become a supporter of legislation that singles out poor women's reproductive choices and gives Planned Parenthood a "bill of attainder;" for a bill that encourages college students to bring guns to Arizona's university campuses just months after one of his former colleagues is gunned down by a mentally defective college student with access to a high-capacity Glock; for a "Birther" bill with its roots deep in the racial fears of white people about a black president. But I guess my expectations for McComish were foolish because, just like every other Republican in his caucus, he seems to care more for the national anti-choice movement, the NRA, and, of course, Donald Trump and Orly Taitz, the founder of the "Birther" movement, than he does about the real needs of Arizonans.

Good luck in the next election; you're going to need it. Because I, and many other sensible people in McComish's district, will have had enough of him and his politics. And I can promise that I will work tirelessly for his defeat so that he can go back to being a "little professor" and stop the harm he is causing to Arizona and its people.

John C. Wilcox

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