After a Tea Party town hall meeting on April 20, Congressman David Schweikert was kind enough to take the time to discuss with me the future of government-controlled health care.

Since it took only a year for the socialistic Obama administration to pass legislation to take over our private sector health care program, I asked how long it would take to place health care back into the hands of the private sector.

His reply was "10 years."

Folks, in 10 years the government plan will have such a strong hold on that part of our economy, it'll be almost impossible to put it back into the hands of the private sector. And that's one-sixth of our economy! Where's the wisdom in that?

Apparently we learn nothing from the horror stories emanating from Canada and the UK about their government-controlled health care programs. Socialism charges onward oblivious to the consequences.

The next day, I reviewed the health care promises in A Pledge to America to see if he could have misinterpreted the idea.

A part of the Pledge, "A Plan to Repeal and Replace the Government Takeover of Health Care," discusses jobs, costs, deficits and debt, taxes, seniors, abortion, if you like it - you can keep it, and pre-existing conditions, among other subjects. At no time does the Pledge refer specifically to privatization. That alone should give you the dry heaves, but there's more.

After a primal scream, I searched the Pledge for wording that would give us energy independence by using our own natural resources such as natural gas, coal and crude oil.

There was only one sentence that can be found, and that's on the last page - almost as an afterthought. It reads as follows: "We will fight to increase access to domestic energy sources and oppose attempts to impose a national ‘cap and trade' energy tax." Admirable but inadequate.

Replace the words "We will fight to..." with "We shall" and you have a real pledge to make something substantial happen.

In describing this 112th Congress, does the word "feckless" come to mind?

Don Kennedy

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