Diciccio and Keogh Parks

Sal Diciccio and Karlene Keogh Parks

In response to (“Keogh Parks is my choice,” AFN, July 31) Joe Campbell wants people to believe that those “Lobbyist Support Sal DiCiccio” and “Developers Support Sal DiCicco” signs actually belong to Sal DiCiccio.

People, wake up, those signs come from the UNIONS. Unions support Karlene Keogh Parks and desperately want Sal DiCiccio out, as does Mayor Greg Stanton and all the big spenders. Councilman DiCiccio is a thorn in the side of Mayor Stanton and the unions. For those people who want Phoenix to become another Detroit, then by all means, vote for Keogh Parks on Aug. 27. For those who want to hold down spending and keep the unions under control, then I suggest you vote for DiCiccio. Clear choice. By the way, have you seen those pictures of Detroit on TV? Really scary!

M. Tousley

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