Having read your March 6 article, “Brewer disagrees with Arpaio finding, believes Obama birth record real,” I think a few comments are in order.

I am with the Surprise Tea Party and I developed the plan to approach Sheriff Arpaio to request an investigation into the authenticity of the Obama certificate of live birth.

After six months of formal law enforcement investigation, the MCSO/Cold Case Posse delivered its report to the public at a press conference on March 1.

The five investigators discovered probable cause exists regarding the crimes of forgery and fraud regarding Mr. Obama’s selective service registration form and his long-form birth certificate. INS records were also discovered missing at the National Archives. And a person of interest has been identified.

As the liaison for the Surprise Tea Party and the MCSO, I personally invited Gov. Brewer to attend the press conference. She never replied to my invitation. I, along with four other Surprise Tea Party members, attended with the approval of Sheriff Arpaio. The report by the MCSO was professional and convincing.

While I applaud the governor’s support of SB 1070, and I understand her retreat from the eligibility bill because it went too far, I am dismayed that Gov. Brewer would discount the MCSO report that we hand-delivered to her office and to nine other Arizona elected officials.

Your support for a bill as outlined in our March 6 letter could save Arizona and America. We need to see some Barry Goldwater courage, Governor.

Brian Reilly

Sun City West

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