Todd Heaton in his letter of Aug. 3 (“Some gun control is needed,” AFN) says, “How can anyone in their sane mind justify the legal sale of an assault rifle?”

OK, let’s go back to April 1775 and a Loyalist is spouting the same drivel after the Minutemen confront British troops at Lexington and Concord.

The American Flintlock is the assault rifle of its day and more than a match for King George’s “Bess” muskets.

I remind my liberally duped friends the Second Amendment is not about hunting and target shooting.

It is ALL about an armed populous maintaining its liberty against a totalitarian federal government if and when such action becomes necessary.

Millions upon millions of citizens armed with the premiere assault rifle of its time will make any would-be dictators think more than twice about enslaving us.

Let’s hope and pray that day never comes.

Question, Mr. Heaton: What kind of rifles do you think the Syrian rebels are using? They’re not bolt-action models made for hunting Bambi.

Bob McCarthy

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