We have continually heard the 540 has low ridership. I beg to differ. If they would ride with us they would definitely see there is good ridership, especially on the first and second inbound times.

And, if they are taking stats from the bus card readers, that too is unreliable, as they do not often function properly.

In our meeting several months ago, we voiced our issues with Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio at a Chandler restaurant that we were invited to attend.

I felt he was so consumed in telling about the (extravagant) payroll for the city of Phoenix employees, he didn’t take our issues seriously, nor confer with other city of Phoenix constituents or with RPTA. Shame on him!

I don’t know why printing the bus book is so important — in our office we have stopped the presses when it’s necessary to iron out potential problems, etc., that would otherwise cost more taxpayer monies, had we not.

Interim solution — those routes affected by the upcoming changes could have the bus drivers supplied with printed changes to hand out as we step inside the bus. However, that would take some organizational skills.

At this point, I don’t see any organizational skills facilitated by the city of Phoenix, in doing it part.

By the time six months collecting data, we (will) have found other ways to get to work and the ridership numbers will be down.

I think that is what they are hoping so it can be justified to have eliminated the 540.

Maxine Thorpe

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