Having just read another article in the Ahwatukee Foothills News that the ACLU is claiming civil rights abuses and are filing suit against the Border Patrol Agency (“ACLU files suit against Border Patrol over immigration enforcement,” April 28 at ahwatukee.com), they want the agency to provide information roving patrols that operate far from the border and use race to make unauthorized stops.

I respect the ACLU, but often think they are just opportunists seeking glory or revenge instead of seriously seeking to right a wrong.

This lawsuit will cost taxpayers several thousand dollars to comply with the ACLU request. Of course, I don’t want the Border Patrol to use race as a reason to make a stop many miles from the border. I want the Border Patrol to be able to do their jobs within the framework of the law, but we restrict them in their efforts frequently.

The bottom line is that if our federally-elected officials would do their jobs, they’d find a way to secure our border and none of this kind of thing would be necessary. We have spent more than 10 years discussing it and millions of dollars researching it, yet we don’t have a secure border. This is all tiresome nonsense, This time when the candidates come asking for your vote, demand that they give you their plan to get our border secured. It is way past time.

Bonnie Polk

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