We have a do-nothing Congress because we have a do-nothing citizenry.

In 2010, less than 38 percent of eligible voters voted. In that election 88 percent of incumbents were re-elected.

Most American voters don't vote and those that do keep electing the same people. Perhaps the reason people don't vote is that they feel they must pick the lesser of two evils.

You could give voters a better choice.

If you are sick of Washington politics I invite you to make a difference and run for Congress. The job pays $174,000 per year.

You must act now as the filing deadlines in many states are fast approaching. Find out how you can run for office at www.goooh.com.

GOOOH (pronounced Go) intends to challenge incumbents, in the primaries, with citizen representatives chosen by the members of their district.

That could be you or someone you know.

Irving B. Welchons III

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