As I read Don Crook’s letter to the editor, “Obama’s defective character,” published April 11, I was astounded by the amount of mistakes and outright falsehoods in his letter.

As we look back on the Presidential election of 2008, contrary to what Mr. Crook believes, “John McCain would have an easy win if he approached it as Sarah Palin wanted” — attacking Barack Obama’s character. Then Palin wanted to attack Obama for “palling around with terrorists.” Unbeknownst to Palin, she appeared to have no understanding to McCain’s own history of “palling around with terrorists” such as Watergate political terrorist George Liddy, who has also advocated the killing of BATF agents on numerous occasions; Oliver North, who was one of the leaders in funneling money from illegal arms sold to Iran (a violation of the Boland Amendment) and funding the Contras in Nicaragua. McCain has never denounced the domestic terrorists who shoot doctors that provide legal medical services to women and has blocked legislation that protect women’s rights.

The senator would have an uphill battle if his campaign attacked Obama’s character. Both McCain and his senior campaign strategist, Steve Schmidt, were quite aware of the skeletons in the McCain political closet. Had they chose to follow the wants of a political neophyte that was Palin, the results could have been disastrous by opening up the senator to the same attacks and scrutiny Palin wanted to subject Obama to. I suspect that the senator recalled the scurrilous attack, perpetrated by Karl Rove, on him and his daughter, Bridget, during the South Carolina primary in 2000 accusing McCain of fathering an illegitimate “black child.” Bridget who was born in Bangladesh is dark skinned. The senator, to his credit, said he would never put anyone through what he had to endure in South Carolina.

Crook also mentions Saul Alinsky and uses him in a negative association with Obama. It is unfortunate that Crook is unaware that many Republicans are well schooled in the tactics of Alinsky. For example, former House Majority leader Dick Armey, whose nonprofit group FreedomWorks, the genesis of the tea party, has used Alinsky’s tactics against the left. FreedomWorks had given copies of “Rules for Radical’s” to top tea party leaders. Some conservatives are questioning the use of Alinsky’s tactics after the blotched attempt to embarrass Sen. Mary Landrieu (D, LA). Some conservatives are questioning whether Alinsky’s tactics are intellectually consistent with American conservatism.

It was also interesting that Crook made the claim that Bill Ayers “was also the best man at his (Obama’s) wedding.” Not so, Obama’s half brother from Kenya, Malik Obama, was the best man.

At first it appeared that Crook was engaging in negative historical revisionism but he just might be simply ignorant of the facts. After all, Obama won the Presidency with a majority of 9.5 million votes and received 356 Electoral votes to McCain’s 173 Electoral votes. That Mr. Crook, is a resounding defeat.

William W. Thurber

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