This is in response to the Oct. 12 Ahwatukee Foothills News letter to the editor from Moira Turner (“McComish political attack mailer in bad taste”).

Contrary to the opinion rendered in her letter, I found the political mailer from the political action committee (i.e. PAC) to be informative, and in no way offensive. Then again, I am not a teacher beholden to her ex state union boss, and looking to curry favor while bashing the hard working current State Sen. from our district, John McComish.

The mailer, funded by a group of political action committees, not the McComish campaign, points out facts in Dr. Janie Hydrick’s record essential for voter evaluation.

As expected from a teacher’s union boss, Hydrick fought against the grading of schools, the grading of teachers, merit pay for good teachers, firing of inefficient school officials and teachers, ending social promotion of students, and opposed giving all parents and students — even special needs children — the freedom to attend the school they believe is best for them.

As far as the claim of “offensively sexist,” I guess if you differentiate gender these days you are sexist. Another case of political correctness run amok.

My appreciation goes out to our current Sen. John McComish, Gov. Jan Brewer, and all of those who helped navigate our state’s way through these difficult financial waters. I, for one, realize that another tax-and-spend Democrat spouting the usual liberal talking points is a bad choice, and a recipe for our state’s financial ruin.


Dennis K. Streich

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