Time magazine arrived with front page headlines, “The Gunfighters,” … ironic title for a national movement to prevent gun fighting. It did catch my attention.

This year, Rep. Chad Campbell is proposing a bill to restore funding for School Resource Officers (SROs), which will return guns to our schools. Time magazine: “By fixating on hypothetical schoolyard gun fights, we are choosing to fight in the riskiest arena: the chances that an officer or armed educator will shoot a child by accident are high, as are the chances of arriving officers’ mistakenly shooting anyone seen with a weapon in the ensuing chaos.”

Are we willing to take that risk? Yes, there are far too many children who are gun victims in the USA, but guns in schools?

Ironic that increases for teacher salaries and funding to reduce class sizes have been all but neglected, yet guns in schools is a priority here in Arizona. Oh, yes, that points to us again as the bastion of eccentric states as we further the image of the Wild, Wild West.

According to the Time chart, sourced from the ATF Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Arizona is among 14 states with no limitations on or laws restricting gun ownership. I thank the National Rifle Association for its twisted influence at our State Capitol to promote more Arizona guns.

C.J. Briggle

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