Budget override is the same as raising the debt ceiling. It is time the Kyrene School District learned to live within its budget. We voted it down last time and they are back at the trough. They are counting on the taxpayers not knowing what is going on.

If you pay your taxes in escrow, or rent, you do not see the cost increases. Their math says that the increase will be $26.63 on an $80,000 house. My house is valued at $160,000, and it is a small ranch house. They claim that the last budget override cost $6 per month, then why is mine $153.47 a year, or $12.79 per month. The Ramones wrote a song called "I'd Love To Save The World." One verse goes, "Tax the rich, feed the poor, till there are no rich no more."

Unemployment, and underemployment are at record levels and they want to take more of our money. Say no to these people who cannot balance their budget. Say no to the Kyrene School District.

Charles Patrick

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