Sal Diciccio and Karlene Keogh Parks

The mudslinging mania that is the campaign for a Phoenix City Council seat in District 6 (Keogh Parks vs. DiCiccio) has at least two winners. First there is the United States Post Office, whose debt may be slightly reduced by the revenue being generated from all the campaign junk mail arriving in district mailboxes. Second is the city of Phoenix Waste Management Department, Recycling Division, where all of this junk campaign mail should rightfully end up (along with the litter on our street corners known as campaign signs).

The campaigns, and the organizations that support the campaigns, are a reflection of the candidate. All appear to be much too willing to condone the running of a negative campaign. The possibility of perpetrating the “outright lie” always exists, but in my experience, mudslinging almost always carries with it a small iota of truth, that which often is the basis for the charge to exist in the first place. If even a small amount of the mud sticks, or put differently, if there is the slightest truth in the charges being hurled back and forth by these two campaigns and their supporters, then why would I want to cast my vote for either one?

In my estimation, neither candidate deserves the position. Neither the Republican, nor the Democrat (masquerading as an Independent), should serve on the City Council. I’m tired of only getting the choice of the lesser of two evils. So for this election, I am going to write in “none of the above.” I know that will disqualify my vote, so be it. But I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I did not assist in putting another political hack into office. I will then hold out hope for the day when, just maybe, candidates for office will come forth who will no longer conduct themselves and their campaigns as politicians, but as true benefactors for the people.

John Coleman

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This whole editorial is mudslinging! Just because you throw mud at everyone doesn't make it any less mud.

Usually when I read these "don't bother to vote, it's useless" bits of nonsense, it's one side trying to suppress possible voters for the other side by telling them "don't bother, it's a waste".

I hope that's not the case, but it sure looks like a duck....and that name, John Coleman, isn't that the head of Maracay Homes? Hmmmm......


Boy oh boy, Chet, what a well thought out and reasoned response to my letter.

My dictionary defines mudslinging as the following: the use of insults and accusations, especially unjust ones, with the aim of damaging the reputation of an opponent. I don’t see how expressing my disappointment in how these campaigns have been run can be classified as mudslinging. That would mean that your definition would have to be along the lines of: publicly disagreeing with anything is mudslinging. Imagine you had to choose between chocolate and vanilla. But you make the comment that you would prefer strawberry. By your definition, you have now slung mud against all the lovers of chocolate and vanilla. That’s hardly the case. You have simply expressed an opinion.

Nowhere in my letter did I advocate not voting. I believe voting to be very important. In fact, as stated, I do plan to vote. I’m just not voting for either of these candidates. And if you would have done a search on my name on the AFN website, you would have found that my previous post was in response to someone who advocated not voting. My position was that one should vote, but vote wisely.

And speaking of name searches, you appear to enjoy doing background searches on anyone who disagrees with your point of view. You admitted to it in a previous comment regarding a post by Bob Sundahl. I probably did the exact same search on my name as you did, and lo and behold there’s an entry that has a John Coleman who works for Maracay Homes. He appears to be a purchasing agent, hardly President of the company. But since that fit your agenda so well (DiCiccio is bought and paid for by the evil home builders), you decided you would just throw that into your comment for good measure. Why do you think that everyone who disagrees with your point of view is a plant or part of some conspiracy? And why don’t you let us know your last name so we can run a search on you? Hmmmmm!

I moved to Ahwatukee from North Phoenix in August of 1987. That’s 26 years that I’ve called Ahwatukee home. I’ve seen immense changes take place in our neighborhood, some good and some bad. I don’t have any other claim to fame to put out there. I’m just curious, Chet, how long have you lived in Ahwatukee that makes you such an expert on what’s best for this area? You are entitled to your opinion in support of Keogh Parks. And so are those who support DiCiccio. And so are those, like me, who support neither.


Hey JC, first, thanks for responding. We need more debate about local issues.

If you're not a developer or working for a developer, then I apologize to you and the other JC. I wanted to get a response, though, and encourage people to ask the question "who is this person and what's in it for them"?

I web search everyone, right and left, I like to know where my information is coming from. Everyone should do the same, we'd be a better nation. And you can web search me, look for Chet on and you'll find all kinds of stuff.

I'm not a fan of Sal, but your point was about the tone of the campaign, so I'll stick to topic at hand.

You are of course entitled to support "neither", but I disagree on how useful that opinion is to others. The "lesser of two evils" argument is used to justify not voting by too many people. There are differences and they matter.

If that was the whole point of your letter, then you are for all intents and purposes encouraging people not to vote, at least in this case. That may not have been your intention, but that's the result.

Maybe instead of "a pox on both their houses" we could say "get involved in local politics and help find someone better for next time, Ahwatukee deserves better candidates".

Your statement about Parks being a Dem running as an Independent is a little muddy, though, there's a subtext there. What possible difference could it make? Labels don't matter, voting records do, right? Ask them what they'll do in office, then hold them to it.

You've lived here longer than I have, so I guess you win, or something? [smile]

It's difficult to communicate via web posts, and I sometimes have strong opinions, but I truly do appreciate the reply. Thank you.


Chet, it is difficult to communicate via web posts, I agree. One's tone can be easily misconstrued.

Ahwatukee deserves better candidates... Amen to that, and that applies to State and Federal elections as well. My intent was not to discourage voting, but what is one supposed to do if neither candidate is satisfactory in my opinion (and I'm pretty sure there are others like me)? What are my options... not vote, write in "none of the above", hold my nose and vote for the "lesser of two evils"? None of those choices are good, but can you suggest another option?

It would be nice if the candidates would stick to telling us what they would do in office. That would change the entire tone of the campaign. I would be more inclined to listen to that than to each candidate's bashing of the other.

Since I win, you owe me a beer.. a local craft beer!

I appreciate the discourse as well.

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