Utility ratepayers and voters in Arizona may not be aware that APS used its funds derived from ratepayers to promote Connie Wilhelm in the recent SRP District Board election, even after getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar to secretly spend money to defeat Democrats on the Corporation Commission in the 2012 election. We the ratepayers should be very concerned, better yet, outraged, and should be asking, what is APS up to?

In the SRP election, APS attempted to play in another utility’s leadership election to stack the SRP board with the same mind set: APS solar tax vs. SRP no solar tax; APS no more solar vs. SRP develops more solar; APS rate increase after rate increase vs. SRP stabilized rates.

Clearly, APS is advancing an anti-solar energy agenda, which is evident from the APS solar tax that approved by the current Arizona Corporation Commission in November 2013. APS told the public in a multi-million dollar campaign that ratepayers with rooftop solar are not paying their fair share for transmission line access, yet APS’ own witness testified during the net metering hearing that the utility already charges for it under a separate line item on their utility bill. I call it double dipping.

Some should be asking APS what they are up to, and how much of their frivolous spending is being passed on to the ratepayers, but it won’t be the current Corporation Commission. APS bought all of them in the last election.

Sandra D. Kennedy

Commissioner 2009-2012

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