Dear Editor:

I'm not a gun owner only because I don't see any need for one at this time. I used to own several guns for protection many years ago, and I don't have a problem with anyone else owning guns for protection or hunting as long as they are responsible adults (at least 21 years of age) with no criminal or mental health issues.

That being said, my question is, do we as a society really think it's a good idea to continue allowing assault riffles and 30-round high-capacity magazines to be sold to the public and, if so, why? Isn't that over kill (pun intended)?

If the Brady Bill, which banned high-capacity magazines, had not been allowed to expire in 2004 the recent event in Tucson, I think most would agree, would not have been as lethal as it was. My hope is that we as Americans, gun owners and non-gun owners alike can all come together on this issue and pass sensible gun legislation to help make tragedies such as this one less likely to occur in the future.

Doug Arnold

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