Dear Editor: I read with humor (Doug Murphy's) editorial ("Is it McCain or losing power that freaks out Rush and others?") in the Feb. 8 AFN. Well, at least you confessed that you're a liberal so the reader knows your bias. But to the substance of your editorial, you are so, so clueless, which is very typical of any liberal trying to define or characterize Limbaugh, Hannity or Laura Ingram. Understand this, from a card-carry conservative, which I used to describe myself...PRINCIPLE matters! You, as a liberal, confuse anyone who stands for or believes in certain standards and values as being a neo-con, right wing lunatic, etc. Our belief in the good and ability of people, holding people accountable for their actions, setting limits on the size and power of government, upholding the rule of law, etc., didn't start with Rush Limbaugh. Nor will they die without Limbaugh. I am not writing you to defend Rush, since I don't think he needs mine or anyone else's help. Let's look at John McCain. OK, McCain has an 83 percent conservative rating. So what? Am I to go by some arbitrary figure? Let's look at the facts. I won't start with the McCain-Kennedy bill, which was an amnesty bill and de facto open borders. McCain opposed Bush's tax cuts twice, one of only two Republicans to do so. McCain joined with Russ Feingold to limit free speech (with campaign-finance legislation), was a member of the gang of 14 senators who blocked the Senate's efforts to end the current method of filibusters on judicial appointments. McCain is a multiculturalists ("We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us," as justification for Hispanic group rights). He opposes English as the official language. He was against the marriage amendment to the Constitution. Need I go on? Putting aside conservative principals, for acting like a Democrat, for sticking his finger into the eye of the Republican Party on key issues are reasons that people like Limbaugh, Hannity and others feel apprehension and concern about a McCain nomination, not a need for power or fear of losing power as you claim. Take the time to listen to Hannity or Rush, rather than feed your readers what the elite media proposes as reasons for the lack of McCain acclaim among conservatives. John L. Jacobs

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