Dear Ms. Petroulakis,

I live in Ahwatukee and am concerned about Pulte’s interest in purchasing the Lakes Golf Course. Taking away a golf course and building more homes WILL NOT enhance our community.

Has Pulte Homes developed other communities with a golf course being part of the master plan? If so, have you then arranged the CC&Rs so that they can be changed or some parts expire, taking away golf courses or other amenities people thought they were purchasing? What sort of promises or assurances do the home purchasers have? What confidence would potential buyers have in purchasing homes in your communities if it was thought that your company was instrumental in taking away Ahwatukee’s amenities?

I am sure you know we are very much opposed to The Lakes being sold to Pulte and have no desire to change our CC&Rs to permit homes to be built.

Although Mr. Gee and his partners are not finding their investment profitable and are looking for a way to change that, we should all remember the many, many examples of entrepreneurs who have gone belly-up on their investments. Properties are then sold off at a lower price, so that it can be operated profitably. Win some. Lose some.

How shameful to use “blight” as a weapon. We emphatically do not intend to bail Mr. Gee and his partners out or reward a devious plan to use “blight” to make us agree to changing our CC&Rs. More homes and fewer golf courses will not enhance our neighborhood or improve our quality of life.

A reply would be much appreciated. (Please no canned rhetoric.)

Joan Gillespie

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