Obama at DVHS

President Barack Obama speaks at Desert Vista High School on Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013.

A while ago Obama made a comment that went like this: “We have laws that have been around for almost 250 years. At first they served us pretty well, but now things have changed. It is about time that we have collective laws and eliminate these others.”

These laws that he was talking about are the laws in the Constitution. During his reign he has sent Secretary of State Clinton to the UN to negotiate (1) a global tax of $266 per person for every American. (2) A UN law requiring America to prosecute people who criticize Islam, and (3) A UN law that requires the U.S. to collect our guns. All of these actions are counter to our Constitution, but Obama favors them.

His next step is to pass a law that makes our Constitution subservient to the UN laws. So far this letter has been about the First and Second Amendment, but he is not going to stop there. I am sure it is going to include the 22nd Amendment, which restricts a president to two terms. I am sure that he (as a Muslim) will eliminate the 22nd, so that he can get a third term, and complete his agenda of destroying our Constitution, and allowing a collective law, like Shiria Law, to be the law of our land.

Don Crook

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This guy is delusional. I blame AM radio. There's no FCC rule about lying on the air, and ever since Reagan ended the Fairness Doctrine in the 1980's, snake oil salesmen like Beck and Hannity and Jones, and many others who are even more dishonest, have taken over the airwaves.

They spread lies and poison the minds of our old white people. The greatest generation is spending their golden years scared, afraid, and angry at things they don't understand.

There's always been some nut on the corner telling people The End is Near, now the charlatan's are on the radio telling millions of people that they need to live in fear.

Then they sell them gold, survival kits, books on the end of the world, and laugh all the way to the bank.

Come back to reality, old white Tea Party people, the UN is not coming. You are being taken to the cleaners by con-men.

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