Here's something you never hear talked about in the ongoing debate over deficit reduction/revenue increases and raising the debt ceiling. That something is jobs!

In particular, the upcoming loss of millions more jobs and the subsequent harm to our economy as demand decreases and millions more Americans have no money to spend on goods and services.

Have any of you stopped to consider the real consequences of the reduction of trillions of dollars in the proposed budget cuts?

First, your kids could be attending schools with class sizes of 60-100 kids per teacher with no computers and no sports either as this is suddenly one of the favorite areas being attacked by the right.

Second, your fire and police protection is suddenly going to get slower and less effective as cities and states make huge cuts because of reduced tax revenues from fewer workers and fewer federal dollars coming in, too.

Third, as federal and state governments lay off millions of government employees, you are going to see an immediate drop in demand for goods due to millions more unemployed people with little or no money to spend. This will eventually affect every one of us.

No matter where you work, or for how long, your job will no longer be safe either, because fewer dollars in the hands of consumers is going to affect all of us in one way or another as consumption drops dramatically across the board. And America will suffer.

All this so Republicans can make Obama a one-term president?

Rod Livdahl

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