America is acting as if we don’t understand the situation in the Ukraine.

This is what we have there: The Crimea wants to separate from the Ukraine, because they want to determine there own destiny. Ukraine is part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). NATO was organized to stop Russia from picking off smaller countries along its border.

In this Ukrainian situation Russia isn’t picking off the Crimea, Crimea is wanting to become aligned with Russia. When Crimea announced that they are going to have an election to decide whether they want to break with Ukraine and have their own government, America immediately called the vote illegal and went to other NATO members for support.

When a situation like this occurs only two actions are available: 1) full scale war, where both sides destroy each other, usually causing many deaths. 2) A democratic action is taken (a vote to see support of their action).

It was amazing that America decided that war is the way to go, as we are democratic and should have supported democratic action.

If democratic action is taken, then Ukraine is divided, each side ends up with a territory that is supportive of its government.

If war occurs each side is devastated, but a lot more might happen. If Ukraine invades Crimea, then Russia will jump to the aid of Crimea, then NATO will jump to the aid of Ukraine. A full scale, and huge war will occur.

There is a possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons, then where are we?

So, this can all be avoided by siding with Russia. Don’t Americans want peace in the world?

Don Crook

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