Dear Editor:

I am a local small business owner, as well as a longtime supporter of Harry Mitchell. I am also a Republican, as many of Mitchell's supporters are. That's why it is so infuriating that out-of-state groups like Americans for Prosperity are spending big money to smear Mitchell. This is just more mudslinging from extremist who clearly know nothing about our community or state. Mitchell's strong record on taxes and the economy and his dedication to the people he represents makes it easy for Arizonans to vote for him. He has cut payroll taxes for small businesses, which is important to me. He has also pushed for estate and capital gains tax relief, and finally forced Congress to tighten its belt by blocking the automatic pay raise. Before that, he gave his raise to charity.

Arizonans know and respect Mitchell because he's been working for Arizona all his life. His excellent record of public service has not gone unnoticed. Statues aren't erected in your honor if you're out of touch with the people you serve. It will take a lot more than negative ads to convince me otherwise.

Pat Thielen

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Pat, I think you are literally the only person out there that is still defending Harry Mitchell. You've been in his commercials, you've written letters to every newspaper. It's kind of sad really. Does anyone support Harry Mitchell besides Pat Thielen?


If you support Obamacare (the ultimate big gov't tyranny), you're a liberal. You can't have it both ways.

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