After attaining seats on a task force to streamline Phoenix operations, City Councilman Sal DiCiccio complains that the public unions committee members walked out of the meeting, halting the group’s work (“Unions walk out this week, hurting small business,” AFN, June 8).

DiCiccio then jumps to Wisconsin regarding the power that public unions have over City Hall. The Koch brothers proved DiCiccio wrong again. Citizens United won with their millions of dollars for GOP politicians like DiCiccio who attacks working families. How many meaningful jobs have you created, versus how many have you taken away?

DiCiccio claims that these unions have the power to stop private sector business owners from getting regulatory relief, and the power to get millions in pay raises for themselves. How much salary does DiCiccio get in his taxpayer paid position? How about his short-term public funded pension?

Health insurance? Sick and vacation benefits?

What was the structure of the task force rules? How was the power divided?

Why did the union members walk out? What voice did they have on this committee?

I doubt they had much input on this committee, and it was predetermined that DiCiccio would have a 1,000 votes and the whole committee would have maybe 10 or 20.

Let’s see, do the business owners have any associations that look out for their professions? You know, maybe there are similarities between chambers of commerce, or politicians and their parties and leagues, but don’t dare call them UNIONS. It is strange that we are a “State of the Union,” or are we?

Joe Campbell

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What a bird brain!

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