I’ve been watching The Lakes golf course issue for awhile, hoping I could vote. Unfortunately, I do not live in the Lakes area and, therefore, I can’t vote. Even though I don’t live in the direct area, it still impacts me and many others in Ahwatukee. Please educate yourself on what is happening.

I am not in favor of the change Pulte is proposing. In fact, within my circle of people I know in Ahwatukee, no one is in favor of it. However, according to the emails I get from Pulte, they have “an increasing number of comments from local residents in support of their plan.”

The idea of converting a golf course to something other than which it is zoned because the owner changed his mind on his investment is simply unacceptable.

If this owner changed his mind on a stock market loss he may have experienced, does he lobby to change the way the stock market runs so he can make a better return? The answer is, of course not. That is why it is called a risk. Risk is part of investing. If you lose money on a risk or change your mind on wanting to be exposed to the risk, you do not change the rules associated with the risk to suit you. You take your losses and move on.

The right thing for Ahwatukee as a whole is for the owner of the property to: (1) abide by the rules he clearly knew going into this investment, (2) keep the property in respectable order, (3) sell the land to another party interested in maintaining a golf course.

A good and respectable businessman plays by the rules and upholds his duties. An underhanded businessman spends time and money trying to change the rules to suit himself without regard for others or the bigger picture. The picture is clear on which side this guy operates by the condition of the golf course.

It is painfully clear to many in the community that if this project moves forward the Foothills Golf Course is next.

I understand that Pulte is in this to make money. I get that. But for Pulte to be associated with this project trying to spin this as a good deal to us only degrades Pulte’s image. Not buying it.

This type of spin doctor approach insults the consumer hoping we won’t see the full picture if the story is well spun. We all get enough of that garbage from Washington D.C., we don’t need it from Pulte or the owner, Mr. Gee.

Vicky Elleray

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