I get out my paddle and give a kid a few swats for misbehaving in class and then I talk to the student about why he/she is being punished. I then send the student back to class and the student never has another problem misbehaving again. OK, now I wake up from my dream and the kid’s parents are in my office along with their attorney asking why I paddled the child? And they are looking to sue the school district.

Have we really come that far from the days of children being held accountable for their actions?

Whether its cyber bullying or disrupting the learning process corporal punishment in school is a touchy subject with most people and my example is the extreme, but what happened to chastising or reprimanding students who are not doing what is expected?

We live in such a sue first society that most teachers are afraid to confront a student about their behavior because it may be taken out of context by the student, and made to be looked as though the teacher or principal is disrespecting the child or being overly punitive.

It used to be that when a parent came to meet with a teacher or administrator the child was perceived to be in the wrong and the parent wanted to know what the child could do to make amends. Those days are over. Currently, when a parent comes in nine times out of 10 they want to know what the teacher did to provoke such a response from the child and some are looking to have a verbal confrontation with the teacher.

Parents must take a more positive and pro-active role in order to help teachers and administration with the disciplining of students. Educators must wear many hats in order to do an effective job but as parents you must help the teachers instead of hindering their structure and role within the classroom.

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