How appropriate that it was April Fools Day that Jon Beydler’s commentary was published in the Tribune.

Beydler’s comparison of Obamacare’s mandate that will force all Americans to pay for health insurance to mandatory car insurance laws was quite foolish.

Why? Because Beydler left one key component out that renders his argument pointless. I know of no law mandated by the federal or any state government that requires me to own an automobile. If I choose not to own an automobile, then I have no reason to purchase automobile insurance.

Life is about choices and consequences. If I choose to own an automobile, then I must follow all applicable laws pertaining to the ownership of said automobile. With Obamacare, short of death, there is no choice.

Beydler states that he is a real estate agent and he chooses to purchase additional insurance coverage. There was no person or governmental entity that forced him into real estate as a career or to purchase additional insurance coverage. As he stated he made these choices. It appears that freedom of choice is something that President Obama and the likes of Beydler believe in only as long as we agree with them.

My health is worth more to me than any car, but there is something far more important to me and that is something that has defined our nation for almost 236 years. That is our freedom, and that, Mr. Beydler, includes the freedom to choose.

Dan Smith


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