The guest commentary by Tom Nassif (“Ariz. agriculture needs immigration reform to thrive,” AFN, May 9) regarding the need for greater agricultural visas and guest workers permits clearly stated the case. Is it so difficult to understand that agriculture is a huge business in Arizona and we simply cannot afford to have jobs go unfilled?

How many more years can we dither when there is so much at stake? The guest worker permits and visa programs we’ve had just are not sufficient to supply a workforce for the thriving agriculture business in Arizona. Why not bring the undocumented workers into legality? Why not give the undocumented a pathway to earn legal status? We should want everyone to participate in our legal and tax system. We are way more dependent on the agriculture business than we consider on a daily basis. Food just doesn’t come from Bashas’ grocery. It has to be tended and grown somewhere.

It is time to find sound answers for the immigrants and the growers that benefit all of us.

Peter Tully

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