Dear Editor:

I just finished reading the Oct. 15 edition of the AFN. I read with some interest the front-page story of a young child and his family facing some serious health challenges ("Ahwatukee family faces challenges of hemophilia"). I couldn't help but think how relieved this family must be by the recent health care changes that have come about due to the progressiveness of some of our members of Congress. His mom even mentions how this new law benefits them by lifting lifetime caps and allowing him to have access to their health insurance until he turns 26. It made me feel really good that not only can I help my children even more through their young adult lives by being able to provide them with insurance if they need it while they attend college, but this family will be able to depend on their insurance to provide young Cabe the extra care that he needs and most definitely deserves.

Then I turned to the Opinion page (Oct. 15, AFN). Is Jon D. Pike ("Mitchell's voting record is ugly") in touch with reality? I for one am glad that Rep. Harry Mitchell voted for health care reform. Mitchell's voting record surely is one that the constituents of Congressional District 5 can be proud of. He has supported veterans' rights and issues over and over again. He has blocked automatic pay raises from going into effect during a time when his constituents at home were facing job losses. He has voted for legislation to help families save their homes from foreclosure. He has even voted to restore the balance of power that the Constitution requires that was lost during the G. W. Bush administration.

Joseph Seelye

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