Sal DiCiccio's threats against working city employees about taking away their important jobs has escalated. The effect of this councilman's war on employees was bound to have a reaction from their families, friends and unions. Instead of striking (which would not be a good option), they chose to start a recall election.

SB 1322 will produce a circus of failures and totally disrupt what government can do in less time and cost than most business owners that will compete, get the bid, then come back with a sad story that they did not bid properly, used cheap materials and labor, and now need more money and time to undo the failings and then start the job over again with the added costs to the taxpayers.

It seems ironic that this Republican state has been so poorly managed during their years of dominance in politics, and now they blame the workers for their debt and poor legislative judgements.

Where do we sign up to get this person out of office?

Joe Campbell

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Bye Bye Sal(ly) [beam]

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