Dear Editor: It took me a few days to write this letter because, at first, I was too angry. Then I was ashamed and saddened by the behavior of some, probably only a few, Desert Vista High School students. Now, hopefully I can articulate the disappointment I feel by the behavior of those students who have damaged the reputation of their school. The day before the big game, the Ahwatukee Bowl, some students from Desert Vista trespassed onto the campus of Mountain Pointe High School and vandalized our facilities. Not only did they spray paint obscenities on the press box, ball fields and track, but they also vandalized the sign to Lovett Field. Some of you will remember Mark Lovett, a beloved assistant football coach at Mountain Pointe, who died in 2001 of a heart attack at a football practice. The practice field was dedicated to him and a sign was erected in his memory. That was the sign they vandalized. The track I mentioned that they also vandalized was made of a special rubberized material and will cost hundreds of dollars to replace the damaged sections. Guess who pays for that? We do, the taxpayers. I realize that some students believe that this game is so important that they lose reason and are willing to commit criminal offenses out of so-called loyalty to their school. But I hope that if someone knows the individuals who did this, they will inform them that the Ahwatukee Bowl is about sportsmanship and participating in a friendly rivalry. Before every game all season, the announcer reads a statement from the AIA reminding students, parents and other spectators that each football game is about lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, good citizenship, competition and how to win or lose gracefully. I didn't think anything could top the lack of manners the Mountain Pointe Lionhearts Marching Band had to suffer two years ago when the Desert Vista students in the stands booed them through the entire pre-game performance and the National Anthem. The Lionhearts had never in the history of Mountain Pointe ever been booed while performing until that game at Desert Vista. But I guess I was wrong. I was hoping that mentality was behind us but apparently some lessons in what it means to have "victory with honor" need to be addressed in an assembly. There was no honor with their victory Nov. 2! Susi Fathauer

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