Special thanks to our community

Dear Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Ahwatukee community for its support during our third annual Heart and Sole Shoe Drive.

Not only did we receive countless shoe donations at our facility, but we had a lot of help from some incredible community organizations.

First, Curves Ahwatukee was a collection site and they filled several collection boxes of shoes for us. Additionally, we are so thankful for the involvement of The Summit School of Ahwatukee and Centennial Middle School, that combined collected over 1,100 pairs of shoes. We are so appreciative of all of the amazing students, parents, faculty and staff affiliated with these great schools.

Also, we would like to give a special thank you to One80 of Ahwatukee, that donated 500 pairs of new shoes and 300 pairs of new socks. This event has once again reminded us of how wonderful our community truly is.

Thanks to all of those involved, we were able to collect 2,500 pairs of new and used shoes and 800 pairs of socks. All of the shoes and socks were donated to Tennies from Heaven, Stand Up For Kids and HomeBase Youth Services. This year's event truly raised the bar for our collection efforts, and we are already excited for next year's collection effort.

Thank you, Ahwatukee, for helping us brighten the day of those in need!


Brad and Tracie Rogers

Owners, BAR Personal Training & School of Athletic Performance


No debate necessary

Dear Editor:

As stated in the "You Decide" letter (AFN, March 21), the new law would allow our intelligence agencies to listen in on terrorists without going to the FISA courts to get a warrant.

So, what's the big deal? The court is available at all times, just waiting for a request for a warrant. Why not just follow the present rules and the country will remain safe, and with the chances for more abuse of illegal wire taps greatly diminished. The lawbreakers must pay the price or what good are laws?

Support our Constitution and defeat its enemies of freedom.

Joe Campbell


When are we going to begin to take responsibility for our own actions?

Dear Editor:

I can't tell you how incensed I was to read about the lawsuit being brought against the city of Phoenix and the Arizona Department of Transportation by the Ruiz family, resulting from the accident that occurred on Pecos Road (AFN, March 19).

When are we going to begin to take responsibility for our own actions? The other major accident that occurred at the same intersection in 2003 resulted in the death of a young girl.

What do these two accidents have in common?

Young, inexperienced drivers.

It may be difficult to assess the speed of oncoming traffic, but an experienced driver would wait. In neither case were the oncoming drivers cited for speeding. There are several signs warning the end of the freeway and of the reduced speed ahead.

A third accident on Pecos resulting in a fatality occurred at Desert Foothills Parkway. Again, the driver, making a left turn, pulled into oncoming traffic. ADOT couldn't be blamed for that any more than they can be blamed for those at 40th Street.

Perhaps they should consider the possibility of installing a left-turn arrow at the 40th Street intersection. This would undoubtedly prove to be less expensive than settling civil lawsuits, both in terms of dollars and lives.

Irene Symons


Proper education is important

Dear Editor:

I really enjoyed Matthew Ladner's commentary about demography and education ("Is demography destiny for education?" AFN, March 26). The proper education of all of our young people irregardless of race is all of our responsibility, as they are our future.

Florida's reforms show improvements to student scores and provides hope for all of us. We in Arizona have a diverse population and we can learn some lessons for our future - the children of Arizona.

Helenmarie Slater

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