Mike Brilz, vice president of land development for PulteGroup, presents Pulte's plan for developing the Lakes Golf Course to a group of residents Friday, June 6.

Allison Hurtado

Would you sign a document that was incomplete, ambiguous, and open-ended?

The Pulte Consent Form circulating recently asking us to approve changes in our CC&Rs (Codes, Covenants and Restrictions) for The Lakes Golf Course and the Ahwatukee Country Club is just such a document. It is called a conceptual site plan, devoid of details. If approved, the changes will have an impact on the lifestyles of everyone in our community.

Before signing, please consider some of the unanswered questions that have come up at the recent homeowner meetings held by Pulte. Please note that if you have already signed the Pulte form, you may contact Pulte and ask that your signature be rescinded.

Pulte needs to answer the following:

1. How will Pulte verify the validity of the “yes” signatures they collect?

2. What guarantee does Pulte make as to the actual wording of all changes to our CC&Rs, and when will that document be available for the ABM (Ahwatukee Board of Management) homeowners?

3. At Pulte’s meeting on July 15, Mike Brilz of Pulte clearly stated that the Pulte plan is “not finalized.” When will we know what to expect?

4. Will the Pulte traffic study be redone to include the omitted peak traffic times?

5. Pulte must clarify a maximum number of houses that may physically occupy one acre rather than an average number of houses per acre that includes “open space.”

We must hold Pulte accountable to detail exactly what we’re asked to sign. Verify, then trust. You may be signing away more than you think.

Judy Wade

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