Local jewelry story shines

Dear Editor:

Several weeks ago, I read about Sommers Jewelry Creations when this paper ran a story about the family-owned business opening near 40th Street and Chandler Boulevard. It is owned and operated by Chris, Karen and Clay Sommers.

At the time the story was published, I had a ring which needed repair, so I decided to visit the store and get an estimate. Before getting the Sommers’ estimate, I went to two other local jewelry stores to see what the cost would be for the repair, so that I would have a comparison.

The first store quoted me an astronomical figure for what looked to me like an easy fix. One of the four prongs that held in my sapphire center stone was broken off. The next store informed me that they would not work on my ring due to the Princess diamond stones that were tile set and could collapse during the repair (I have worn this ring every day for 13 years and never had an issue with collapsing diamonds).

My third and final stop was Sommers Creative Jewelry. I met both Chris and Karen Sommers on that visit. They are very friendly, easy to talk to and experts in their field. I explained my situation, and immediately Chris grabbed his loop and examined my ring. He could easily ascertain that I wear the ring daily and do not baby it. He said he could fix it, for a very decent price. When I asked about the tiles collapsing, he gave me a very educated explanation of how my ring was made so that the tiles would not cave in and how they are supported. He fixed it perfectly, at a more than reasonable price, and did not cause the diamonds to collapse.

It is impossible not to notice the gorgeous pieces of jewelry that both Karen and Chris masterfully design. The stones are authentic and brilliant in color and clarity. I receive compliments daily on the beautiful pieces I have purchased at Sommers Jewelry Creations. Not only have I found tremendous jewelers to trust, but they are great friends now, as well.

Cher Nelson


Kudos to Obama for quarterly economic growth

Dear Editor:

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. economy grew by 5.7 percent during the last quarter of 2009, the fastest pace in six years. Thank you, President Obama!

Fred Barlam

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