Tired of getting email solicitations from Nigerian princes and Romanian bank presidents promising you millions of dollars if you will only give them your birthday, your Social Security number and bank account information? Not to worry. Those pesky emails will soon become a thing of the past. Why you may ask? Well because you will soon be giving all that “private” information and “more” to Obamacare’s so-called “navigators”.

Yup, folks, you will soon be handing over “all” of your most private, most sensitive identity theft and bank fraud information to any “Tom, Dick or Harry” hired by Obama’s Department of House and Human Services. Ex-A.C.O.R.N. voter solicitors, ex-Nigerian Princes, ex-Romanian bank presidents, senior citizen scammers, parolees and identity thieves could be, and most certainly will be, on the other end of the phone line when you call to apply for Obamacare. There are no plans for Obama’s Department of House and Human Services (HHS) to screen these so-called “navigators” hired by HHS “contracted firms” for prior arrests or criminal histories, no “background” tests, no nothing will be required of them.

In 2012 it had taken this department’s best Investigation Team four years to uncover a $1 billion fraud scheme in just one small Florida county. Government investigators have determined that almost 20-30 percent of all Medicare payments are bogus, fraudulent payments. Medicare is now a trillion-dollar government program and Obamacare will cost the American taxpayer and additional $2 billion dollars; and that’s not including the billions and billions in personal bank fraud theft that Obamacare enrollees will experience from “un-screened” Obamacare navigators.

President Obama promised the American people a “change” (along with being allowed to keep their old insurance programs) but the Americans who voted for him never thought this “change” would empty their bank accounts to boot.

Leon Ceniceros

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