Dear Editor:

Most liberals say even after the election that we need national health care, free child care, free speech therapy etc., and that we have a right (read free) to just about everything. But let's look at our national checkbook for a moment. What is the Wells Fargo overdraft charge for being, oh let's say $13 trillion in the red?

Oh what's there to worry about? The president can fly off to New York to appear on The View and Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, but our Southern border fence isn't built. The first lady can take her entourage to vacation in Spain, but our Southern border fence isn't built. Now our president, along with an intimate escort of 3,000 people (at a cost estimated at $200,000,000 per day) is taking a 10-day trip to India to visit his boyhood mosques in Indonesia, but our Southern border fence isn't built.

It's patently clear that the president is out to wreck our capitalistic system, our national homeland security system and our financial infrastructure because of the U.S. history of exploitation and racism.

And so does he really care if our national checking account is empty? No! Now we must be ever vigilant of the newly elected House of Representatives, the executive branch socialists and their executive orders leading up to 2012.

Alan Tindale

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