A recent poll result, naturally from the racist Bible Belt, should annihilate any lingering doubts that Republicans constitute a disproportionate share of this nation’s imbeciles. Assessing blame for the negligent federal response to Hurricane Katrina, more Louisiana Republicans cited President Obama than cited George W. Bush. By a slim margin of 29 to 28 percent, these Obama-blaming morons assigned him presidential responsibility nearly four years before his inauguration.

Republican politicians who exploit mass ignorance are assaulting more than their Democratic opponents. They are undermining the basic requirement of constitutional democracy: an intelligent, informed electorate.

C.W. Griffin

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As if everyone didn't already know it, C.W. is Ahwatukee's resident nutcase [tongue]


Actually, for once, CW is absolutely correct and fully coherent. I have a family member who's a Republican party official (out of state) who didn't know why we went to Iraq.

I had another Tea Partier tell me that even if I showed her evidence that Glenn Beck was wrong about something, she was "too old to change her mind now".

Then she went on about "sheeple", not at all aware of the irony.

Here's a fun fact for you Fox viewers:

The far right/Tea Party folks live in a news vacuum. They've been told they "won't hear this anywhere else", which is just marketing-speak to get you to stay tuned. O'Reilly was going on one night about how the mainstream media wasn't covering a story, when in fact it was NBC who had broke the story the day before.

I'm a recovering Libertarian, and Fox is actually why. About ten years ago I started noticing they weren't just presenting another side, they were flat out making stuff up.

Because Tea Party folks won't consider any source of information other than Beck, Rush, WND, etc., they're easily misled, and CW's point about the right using that ignorance and it being an assault on our country is 100% spot on.


I think it works both ways. The right listens to their "voices"... FOX, Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, etc., and the left listens to their's... MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, New York Times, Huffington Post, Media Matters, etc.

I'm sure that with a little research we could find some leftist poll results as equally absurd as this one cited by Mr. Griffin.


By the way, the whole left/right, Republican/Democrat sparring bout is getting old. The duopoly of Republicans and Democrats, essentially two sides of the same coin (big government), will continue to chip away at our liberty and freedom. Until that changes, expect more of the same, regardless of how informed the electorate may or may not be.


Wow, JC, first, you seem to have missed CW's point, but then you said "expect more of the same, regardless of how informed the electorate may or may not be" which proves CW's point!

I'm looking at hours of boring meetings this morning, and I really needed the laugh to start the day! Owe you one!

It's exactly that kind of Tea Party silliness that keeps me coming back to this site.

No difference between Dems and Repubs! Hilarious!

Good stuff, keep it coming!

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