Dear Editor: Once again our local National Rifle Association propagandist, Linda Turley-Hansen, displays her colossal credulity in her defense of that recklessly unpatriotic organization (AFN, Feb. 1, "How do they really stand on firearms ownership?"). Led by a Vietnam draft dodger, Wayne LaPierre, the NRA fought legislation that would block gun sales or permits to suspected terrorists. It also opposed legislation to require explosive manufacturers to include electromagnetic "taggants," thus enabling investigators to determine the source of terrorist bombs. The NRA also opposed legislation establishing a national database recording guns' "ballistic fingerprints." For the NRA, profits trump patriotism. The NRA's elitist hypocrisy is also evident in its contradictory policies on Second Amendment rights. In Arizona, the NRA backed legislation to allow guns in bars. But it quietly accepted a ban on guns at the 2004 Republican National Convention, and at the Super Bowl. I'd appreciate some gun nut's explanation of why Republican plutocrats deserve protection from guns in their purlieus, whereas lower-class bar attendees don't. Does the Constitution distinguish among economic classes in distributing alleged Second Amendment rights? Maybe Linda could explain. C.W. Griffin

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