Dear Editor:

Regarding Don Kennedy's letter to the editor "Global warming is a hoax," (AFN, Dec. 10), I find it interesting that he bases this conclusion on ethanol subsidies. Obviously scientific research, including peer reviewed research, has no basis for his opinion. And opinion it truly is (and thus the fact that the letters to the editor section is the appropriate area for his words).

Maybe a reason for Kennedy's view is that he has a stake in the cruise ship industry, because soon enough we will be able to cruise across the North Pole during the summer. Or maybe he has a stake in air polluting industries, and would rather that those industries be allowed to continue to contribute to the climate change. Or maybe he has property in Nebraska, and he'd like to see it become beach front property instead of plains property.

There is actually untold amounts of scientific research that has been done that proves without a doubt that global warming is real. I actually work for a company that it utilizing CO2 sensors from Edinburgh Instruments allowing us to measure concentrations as low as 500ppm, taking measurements multiple times a second and tracking these results. Utilizing sensors out at the ocean as well as sensors within human populations it is apparent the impact that we are having on CO2 levels.

Expect us to release a paper on the subject, which we expect to be peer-reviewed, and which we hope with further add to our knowledge of this phenomena.

Believe me, Mr. Kennedy. Climate change is real.

Doug Miller

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Of course climate change is real, but to believe we have somehow brought it upon ourselves is ridiculous. This planet is millions of years old and to believe we are the first intelligent beings to inhabit it is blind ignorance. She (The Earth) will continue to have "Climate change" until the day she falls apart...whether we are here or not. We are but a skin rash on her and one day we will kill ourselves off and within a mere 10,000 years all traces of our existence will have disappeared and some other living creatures will take over. The "tax credits" and EPA "standards" will do nothing in the end. Mother Earth will survive us, as we will be the undoing to ourselves, not Her.

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