Nanny state? Please Linda Turley-Hansen; do not insult me or the majority of America’s intelligent citizens who voted for and elected the president of our choice (“Stuck in America,” AFN, Nov. 16). Who does have charisma and is not just an empty suit; but is also trustworthy; was able to give us “details” of his policies instead of the statement “trust me,” and was more than a mouth piece for the right wing faction of the Republican party.

It is hard working middle class and the working poor that need extra help at this time. Thanks to George W. Bush, and it is most likely tax money provided by hard working Americans that pays for that help.

Weak foreign policy? Which administration went after Bin Laden? Which administration sought and killed/captured so many other terrorists? We all know the answer. Which administration dreamed up and implemented Fast and Furious? Thanks again George W.

Concerning President Obama’s “shady” associates and his “suspicious Muslim affinity.” That ole dog don’t bark anymore, repeating that fantasy story is boring.

You should feel sorry for our veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan because many of their benefits were cut by the past administration. Now they wait months for treatment and many are taking their own lives. Recently, the House Republicans refused to vote and approve a jobs bill created especially for unemployed veterans.

At 67 you say you will have to endure more years of pain because of the outcome of this election. For some reason I don’t think you have endured the same pain as those who lost jobs and homes. I wonder if you honestly realize the pain of the middle class and working poor who struggle and wonder why there has been so much obstruction in Washington D.C. in the past four years?

Do conservatives need to become more like progressives? No; but it wouldn't hurt the Republican party to embrace more than just rich, old white men.

Nancy J. Decker

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