When I first heard about the voting centers and having three days to vote, I was excited. Then I realized that this meant that citizens have to vote in multiple locations because there are multiple elections. What a terrible idea!

I'm not concerned about myself, but about people like my dad - senior citizens. A lot of senior citizens like to vote in person and a lot of senior citizens don't drive.

As my dad aged, he could no longer take the bus; many senior citizens can't. I made sure my dad was signed up to vote by mail, but what about those senior citizens that don't have someone helping them - do you think most of them use the Internet? My dad didn't. He was also very hard of hearing - that would make calling difficult or impossible, too.

The city's first responsibility has to be to make sure everyone can vote. We need to be able to vote for all elections at the same site!

Janis Sussman

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