A recent guest commentary in your newspaper was, to put it mildly, remarkable ("Don't allow history to repeat itself: Socialism can lead to dictatorship," AFN, Feb. 1).

To compare one sentence in the State of the Union speech to us all losing our freedom as we know it today shows just how crazy and paranoid people are over the political divide in the country.

With that kind of mentality running amuck in our local newspaper, makes it evident that we should not be surprised when there are shooting incidences as we saw a little over a year ago in Tucson.

There are so many mentally deranged people walking our streets and you are just feeding it. It may be news to you that most local, state, as well as our federal government, have cut to the core mental health programs in this country.

I realize that these are opinions, and we can all share different ones, but you have a responsibility to and that was way over the top.

Susan Allen

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I am always stunned how left-wingers, such as Susan Allen, always imply that the newspaper should CENSOR anything they (left-whiners) find offensive.

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