Dear Editor:

Harry Mitchell has been our congressman since 2007, taking office during the heyday of the Bush administration's failed policies that today has left us an economically depleted country. To date Congressman Mitchell has a proven tract record showing that he is a strong supporter of our troops, protecting our borders, supports education (was a high school teacher for nearly 30 years) and supports an economic policy that has helped to stop the downturn and starting to reverse the ills of our country. Unfortunately, what he faced when starting in Congress cannot be fixed in a few short years. You can listen to the naysayers or look around you. Things are getting better.

As a small business owner of an export company, we have personally called on Mitchell's office. We found ourselves in a situation where shipping documents, needing authorization by the State Department, were stalled on a desk in Washington. Unable to get answers and faced with the possible loss of the sale and costly return of three shipping containers, we contacted his office for help.

Not only were they accessible, they resolved the matter within one day, resulting in a timely delivery and with no losses.

In this election we can either vote for Mitchell who we know is honest, dedicated and already working hard for Arizona, or vote for a new guy whose campaign is being heavily funded with out-of-state money, most likely for out-of-state interests.

Michael Malin


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chris proctor

Touching testimonial from Michael Malin. Rather curious there was no mention of thanks that his small business will pay higer taxes if the "Bush Tax Cuts" are eliminated, No mention of how he will provide health insurance to his employees as "mandated" by Mitchell. Oh yea, forgot, he will drop employee coverage so the government can pay for the coverage with my tax dollars. Hope the guy has good employee relations, because "card check" will make it pretty easy for pissed off employees to go union on him. No mention of Harry's stimulus money ( actually our money ) going to his small business. I look forward to a "Harry Mitchell retirement testimonial" on November 2nd.

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