Wow! I didn’t know that, “Wind and solar provide many jobs and wind is cheaper than new coal per kilowatt hour.” But local science experts, Michael and Kat Shores, assure us that it is so (“Energy we can’t afford,” AFN, Oct. 21).

I don’t think so, but then what would I know, I’m just your local neighborhood lowly M.I.T. graduate.

When I go surfing the Internet (highly recommended before expressing scientific opinion based on your politics), I find the following: Take away ALL subsidies AND government penalties like “carbon credits” and Obama’s “bankrupt them” statements against coal, then, in the short term, coal is the cheapest form of generating electricity followed by natural gas (in the medium term), see

In fact, if you go medium to long term in your thinking processes, nuclear is the most economic.

The realities are that ANYTHING scientific that government monkeys with is a born loser.

To amuse yourself, or get heartburn, examine this list of President Obama’s Taxpayer-Backed Green Energy Failures: But, hey, it’s only taxpayer money.

Those on the left are invited to invest in these companies. I suppose leftists don’t care if the cost of electricity doubles in the next year or two. It will. Look into which SRP plants must close due to Obama’s regulations. The rate increase requests have already begin, read your bill insert.

One final note of scientific amusement. A current technology under attack by the left is “fracking,” a method of “mining” natural gas from miles beneath the surface of the earth. As part of their attack strategy, the left cites a situation in Pennsylvania where a house blew up from a natural gas explosion. The left claims that this occurred due to natural gas seeping up from a nearby fracking operation, citing that the home owners smelled natural gas just before the explosion. What’s wrong with this picture? Local “scientists,” please tell us.

Jim Thompson

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