Dear Editor:

I could not believe my eyes when the anti-American Democrats and our president gave a standing ovation to a foreign dignitary for criticizing the U.S. If a foreign dignitary criticizes one state in this country, they criticize the whole country.

Would our anti-American politicians applaud other foreign presidents criticizing America? Yes they would, and Harry Mitchell is one of them. Of course these anti-American politicians would not be in power if we did not have enough adoring citizens voting for them.

It was a disgrace to see and makes me ashamed for this country.

Ted Griffieth


It just doesn’t make sense

Dear Editor:

I would like to comment on Jim Thompson’s letter to the editor, “Don’t blame others,” in the May 26th AFN edition. Mr. Thompson is trying to assert that those on the “right” try to better themselves while those on the “left” always look for someone else to blame. His letters are always divisive, but in this case his letter is genuinely laughable. The words “right” and “left” could easily be switched with one another and the statement would make just as much sense.

Sheryl Hart


Senior reporter will be missed

Dear Editor:

Both the Ahwatukee Foothills News and its readership are that much the poorer for Doug Murphy’s leaving after 13 years. Given the declining state of print media, it’s unlikely that the three reporters it would take to replace Doug will be hired. We are left to wish him well as he moves on.

The newspaper’s 32 years of publication have witnessed two distinct eras: Founder Clay Schad guided the paper through its first 20 years with an unmistakably folksy, small-town flavor. The succeeding 12 years brought a transformation to a more corporate-driven publication, losing some of its hometown feel in the process. Doug bridged both eras, consistently balancing big-city reporting with small-town perspective.

As a reader I admired his handiwork and amazing versatility. As a fellow writer I was grateful for the helpful advice he selflessly gave. Doug’s professionalism and reporting skills set a high standard. His is a tough act to follow, whether by three new hires or none at all. 

Marty Gibson

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